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Business Case

You have a product idea or an existing product that you want to improve. You want to ensure that your product is relevant to the target audience and perceived as superior to the competition, or at least perceived that way by customers.


"The bait must taste good to the fish, not the fisherman." Ultimately, products or marketing approaches are only successful if they are relevant to the target audience. The challenge is to find out how to achieve this relevance in a world where there are already many solutions for many of the target audience's needs.


The SolutionFit Exploration is a qualitative approach that combines the exploration of needs and behavioral patterns with the evaluation of product ideas/product concepts.

Ideally, the approach is used in early stages of development as part of iterative product development. Product development/prototyping workshops alternate with research sprints. (See also our offer for prototyping workshop moderation).

In the first research sprint, any knowledge gaps regarding the target audience's needs are filled, and initial ideas are evaluated.

In the subsequent research sprints, the focus increasingly shifts to observing and exploring how the target audience engages with the concept or prototype. The goal is to analyze the fit with their needs and derive areas for action for further product development based on behavioral psychology insights.


The results are presented as jobs to be done, product evaluation map, and product improvement map with "how-might-we" questions. The "how-might-we" questions can then be prioritized by the development team and further addressed, for example, in a prototyping workshop.

Key Data

Base: n=8 interviews with consumers, each lasting 60 minutes, or deep-dive community with n=30 and 3 days: Classic €11,800 / AI-Assisted €9,800

Higher sample sizes or longer community durations are possible upon request.

Community prices apply internationally, while individual interviews may vary internationally.


2 weeks per research sprint, with 1-week recruitment lead time.

Discounts offered as test budget.


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