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Business Case

Developing a commercial can be costly, but more importantly, it's crucial to ensure that the ad has an impact; otherwise, your media spend goes to waste. Therefore, you want to ensure that you develop a commercial that resonates with your target audience.


Often, commercials are only tested once the shooting has already taken place. At this stage, you can still influence the editing, but the basic story cannot be changed significantly. It would be much better if you could test earlier and receive specific recommendations for optimization.


The treatment/storyboard test can be used for both treatments (communication concepts) and storyboards, as the name suggests. Both approaches have the advantage of being cost-effective and easily adjustable, providing more flexibility to develop the optimal story for the brand/product and communication goals.

This way, you can apply the "Fail Fast, Fail Early" principle to communication development. However, this is only possible if you have a fast and affordable testing format to measure the impact of the storyboards and uncover optimization potential.

The storyboard test is based on a survey experiment in which structurally identical samples are presented with different storyboards in each group.

The central measurement instrument is emotion measurement per scene. Based on this, we can capture the emotional progression and thus the dramaturgy. Combined with a behavioral psychology analysis, specific optimization approaches for further development can be derived. Additionally, an overall measurement of the storyboard's effectiveness in achieving communication goals is conducted.


A clear picture of which storyboard shows the most promise and concrete recommendations for optimizing the winning stories.

Key Data

Base: Two storyboards/treatments, n=400 each, 10 minutes: €7,900

Prices also apply for international use in most countries worldwide. Prices may vary depending on the target audience.


From 1 week onwards

Discount according to price list

Treatment/Storyboard Test

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